Who are the professors that are teaching me?

A faculty of professionals and mentors specialising in their respective fields, with experience ranging from 8 to 35 years have been brought on board to teach the students. The idea here is to have a plethora of knowledge and experience available for all students who are on the BasicFirst platform

How do I interact with the professor?

If a student has a doubt or query regarding any subject matter, he or she has to log onto BasicFirst’s portal and select ‘Ask Response’. Soon, a professor will get in touch with the student via call. The professors are approachable and ready to help whenever called upon. As the saying goes, they all believe that no question is a silly question.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch with BasicFirst Education Counsellor?

You can connect with BasicFirst Education counsellors by dropping an email at

What is online goal-oriented coaching?

This is a specialised course training for IIT/Medical courses wherein customised solutions are offered to students.

If after the class, I still have questions or haven’t understood the topic, what do I do?

If questions or doubts have not been cleared during the online courses, the student can enrol in a special doubt clearing session with the professor to gain clarity. These sessions will ensure that the teacher and student get one-on-one time to help clear any doubts.

How is Basic First different from other brands?

BasicFirst stands out from brands since it offers one-to-one coaching for every student along with best solutions. This helps us take that one extra step in order to ensure that the students receive the best possible experience when it comes to education and learning.

Competitive Exams

What examinations do you cater to?

We provide examination preparations for the following boards - JEE (JEE Main + JEE Advanced), BITSAT, NEET, AIIMS, NTSE, KVPY, CBSE Board Class 10th, ICSE Board Class 10th, CBSE Board Class 12th Science, CBSE Board Class 12th (Commerce), State Board Class 10th, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8 and Class 9 across all education boards.

At what age should I start preparing for competitive exams like JEE, NEET?

Preparation for all the competitive exams like JEE, NEET begins when a student turns 12 years old and enters Class 6. They always say, it's never too early to prepare. Also, starting out so soon ensures that the basic concepts are understood thoroughly.

How do I know that I have the required competencies and skills for these competitive exams?

Students who are preparing for these exams require discipline, immaculate planning and thorough execution. BasicFirst helps students hone their skills and focus on better and more comprehensive learning.

Online Courses

What are the advantages of taking class online?

Contrary to popular belief, online courses can prove to be beneficial for students. BasicFirst offers one-on-one clarity and dedicated personal coaching material that is aligned with a student’s short-term and long-term educational goals.

What will be the language of the lecture?

Currently, course material for the online courses is available only in English. All of it is going to be available in Hindi soon.

What is a typical schedule of an online class?

The schedule depends on the online courses picked by the student. Once that is done, a schedule will be shared that will have to be strictly followed.

Are online classes self-paced or scheduled?

All the classes for these online courses are self-paced, i.e., done at the student’s speed and comfort level. This is very important and what helps create the difference between studying and learning in a group setting as compared to studying alone.

Do I need to buy additional textbooks while availing this course content?

Yes, students will have to buy additional textbooks while availing this specialised course content. It will help in better understanding of the subject matter.

How many students are in a course? Who will be my classmates?

All the online courses have been designed for one-to-one sessions with special emphasis on best course selection. Hence, students will have dedicated coaching sessions from the teachers on the platform.

How will my progress be tracked?

BasicFirst provides a specialised coach to every student who will see and track the student's daily progress. This helps the student in gaining better clarity and understanding in place of any confusion.

Is there a scholarship available? How can I avail it?

Yes, absolutely! For those interested, scholarships are available. Enrollment for these scholarships begin from 15th October to 24th October. Tests will be shared starting 7th August.

How much time would I need to spend in a week?

Different online courses will require varying hours but on an average, 15 hours needs to be dedicated every week to get through the coaching course material. However, each student is unique and requires different amounts of time to grasp and understand different concepts.

Do I need specific equipment to take online courses?

Yes. Students should have a Laptop/Desktop/Tablet for accessing the content of the online courses. In addition to that it is recommended that the student has a stable internet connection and a quiet coroner to facilitate concentration and a good learning environment.

Will the course content be only online? Can I download it?

The course content is available online and can also be downloaded for use later as well. You can download the content via the application and store it on your respective device. Learning is a round the clock process.

How do I know the course content is credible?

The content, whether for Class 8, JEE or any other course, is based on interactive and engaging model learning where students get adequate exposure to the best content material available across the industry.


What payment options are available for availing the entire course content?

EMI option is available during payment of online courses. Also, full payment can be made depending on the flexibility of the course plan selected.

What is the course fee?

Plan course fee ranges from INR 25,000 to INR 150,000 depending on the course chosen.

I have paid Rs. 1 for the introductory offer. What next?

This is a golden opportunity where you can get the best content from BasicFirst’s side. Keep engaged with the program through the website for the complete content and online courses, launching on 24th October.

What is your refund policy like?

We do not process any refunds from our end. Once the package is availed, students can use it to help them study well in order to perform as well as possible in their exams

Can I cancel the subscription midway?

Yes, you can but it’s advisable to select the best course first time around.

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